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chanfriend's Journal

Chan Friend ♥ チャン友達
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All of the "chans" of Japanese fashion can come and socialize, share info, ect ect! ♥ ~

Rules~ ♥

1. You must LOVE and APPRECIATE every Friend Chan, no bashing, insulting, or FIGHTING! (constructive criticism is acceptable.)
2. Do not ask for any personal information, those who give it out must AT OWN RISK.
3. Please upload (or retrieve) photos by photobucket, tinypic, fileden, ect ect. Try not to steal from others.
4. Don't post huge pictures without a cut.
5. If you're selling something, put a link to YOUR journal please.
6. Use common sense, you know good and well what to do and what not to do.
7. Be cute and have fun!♥~